ShieldCXP Protects Postdoctoral Student from Trimethyl Aluminum

The day started like any other — a postdoctoral experiment called for trimethyl aluminum, an extremely flammable chemical that immediately ignites upon exposure to air........“We did everything right — our researchers were outfitted in the appropriate garments, using the proper syringes, following established protocol, and utilizing backup safety spotters. But it only takes one small misstep for something to happen, and in this instance, our highly experienced researcher moved a little too aggressively.”............“I get chills just thinking what would have happened had she not been wearing [ShieldCXP],” reflects the lab supervisor, as he continues with the story.


Breathe by Milliken™ offered on Four Seasons Furniture, Slipcovers

Four Seasons unveiled an eco-elegant 100 percent cotton Breathe by Milliken™ performance fabric option at the Highpoint Point Market in April of 2018.  Everyday Twill performance cotton fabric is now an option on any of Four Seasons’ upholstered furniture or slipcovers.  Holly Cogan, Director of Merchandising for Four Seasons, explained why the company chose Breathe by Milliken™ “Performance fabrics are huge right now, so we have been looking for a 100% cotton twill with a good weight, attractive colors and a strong performance story.  While there are a lot of performance fabrics out there for polyester, acrylic and olefin, until Breathe there was no option for cotton.  Breathe checked all our boxes in terms of aesthetics, protection and sustainability.”  

Since April, Four Seasons has added additional colors to Everyday Twill and selected another Breathe by Milliken™ cotton fabric Loft that were debuted in October at Market. LEARN MORE

US Consumers Prefer Cloth Napkins

During a recent consumer study, US consumers prefer to dine at a sit-down restaurant with cloth napkins and 84% associate tables with cloth table linens as being environmentally friendly. Additionally, 54% of US consumers believe cloth napkins are more environmentally friendly than paper napkins. Let our table linens help to show your commitment to the environment.

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