This season we announced several fabric additions to the BREATHE by Milliken™ collection that complement the year’s most notable trends. What was trending at Spring Market? Let’s explore the industry’s new patterns, textures, and styles. 

We’re Coloring Outside the Lines

Patterned designs for accent furniture pieces captured the attention of designers, retailers, and consumers for adding color and dimension to neutral focal-points furniture. This season, many showrooms showed pieces featuring hand-drawn looks instead of perfect shapes, as well as multidirectional and maze patterns. Artistic elements such as paint prints and acrylic pours added character to neutral spaces. We also recognized a variety of space dyed yarns, which give furniture a unique multi-color effect. 

“The neutrals were really beautiful and sophisticated with a new emphasis on a color that I would call ‘Mink,’” says Milliken Specialty Interiors Director of Design and Development, Dana Claire Larson. “Mink is a grey with a warm red touch to it, but it is not a purple grey. For this Market, I noticed the use of warm greens, mauves and salmons, aqua blues and both true yellows and golden yellows. The use of grey and gold yellows together appears to have continued from previous seasons.” 

Color is also a noteworthy topic when it comes to design as color schemes tend to vary from season to season and even generation to generation. A recent study conducted by Furniture Today reports neutrals as the primary color scheme in many consumers homes. While neutral colors continue to provide a foundation for design, the study found that younger generations favor bright color schemes compared to Generation X and Baby Boomers. 

A Subtle Complexity  

It’s not uncommon to see jacquard patterns on pillows and accent pieces, but this season several showrooms introduced a bold new take on the classic pattern by applying jacquard fabric to sofas and sectionals. While the jacquard sofas and sectionals remained a neutral color, the pattern increased the intricacy of larger pieces and added complexity to the space without overwhelming the color scheme. 

“We saw tons of wooly look/hand fabrics, and the use of jacquards as solids was surprising,” says Ashley Farris, Milliken Specialty Interiors designer. “A lot of the pieces utilized high pile along with true fur and skin coverings. We also noticed an increase of chenille on various products, often full face or patterned along with lots of distressed and mottled looks.” 

On Trend with Athena

Textures and patterns were all the rage at Spring Market and Milliken Specialty Interiors followed suit with fabrics that combine the trendiness consumers desire with the ethical manufacturing they deserve. Athena, the BREATHE by Milliken™ cotton-linen jacquard fabric, boasts a medium scale geometric pattern and is available in several colors. We are also looking forward to debuting some additional BREATHE by Milliken™ textural cotton-linen blends, Aura and Bohemian, each available in six colors. 

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