We want you to get to know the Milliken Cable Management team better, so we’ll occasionally feature team members in our Associate Spotlight series. This month we’re getting to know Michael Corsetto, senior account manager.

Michael, how did you end up at Milliken?

I was originally a music major and played on my first album in 1977, but I quickly changed my major to business after going on the road with RCA. I realized I could still play music on the weekends but needed a different degree. I received a bachelor’s degree in business from a state college in New Jersey as well as credits toward my associates degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I always wanted to work for Milliken and was able to make that goal happen about 30 years ago. I have no intention of going anywhere else.

What keeps you at Milliken?

No other organization compares to Milliken. Milliken always has my back and is a very orderly organization. Working here is an adventure, and I feel like I’m getting paid for show and tell. I’ve been in the cable management division since 2006 but previously worked for five different Milliken businesses in Manhattan.

What kind of “show and tell” do you do?

Although MaxCell® has been around for 15+ years, it’s still considered a new way of deploying fiberoptic cables. I often host lunch and learns with up to 100 people to talk about our cable management options, MaxCell and Vis™ Divide. I also attend 3-5 tradeshows each year, but I prefer being in the field.

There’s really no “typical day” in my role. I handle my own admin work and do my own planning and researching. I often show up to help with installations and serve as a product specialist.

Where does your expertise lie?

I’m an expert in capacity utilization and getting our value proposition understood in no uncertain terms. As a BICSI member, I deal with both RCDDs (registered communications distribution designers) and PEs (professional engineers), and I educate them on how our products can solve their problems. I also love to help my customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on installations through efficient capacity utilization by crunching fill ratio numbers with them.

How do you see the telecommunications industry changing?

When I started this job, they’d put 864 fibers into a 1.5-inch cable. Now, they’re putting 3,456 fibers into a 1.3-inch cable — everything is getting smaller. Wireless is another aspect of that change. We see fewer and fewer landlines or CATV installations, and more and more streaming. But wireless still requires everything to go underground, and installers will need to spend money putting in pathways for the bandwidth necessary.

Tell us about winning Salesman of the Year.

I’ve won Salesman of the Year at Milliken several times now. One of the first times I won it, I asked the person next to me whether he thought I could take a quick break, and he said, “Go, no problem.” While I was in the restroom, I heard my name called. I quickly ran out of the restroom straight up on stage and said to Mr. Milliken, “I promise I washed my hands.”

What’s on your bucket list?

I’m a musician. I play six instruments and have toured the country. I often ski in the Rockies and scuba dive in the Caymans, Bahamas and Bermuda. I’d like to go to Italy someday, but I’m proud of what I’ve done with my life and don’t really have a bucket list. I also love spending time with my Shih Tzu, Jazzy.

What’s your favorite snack food?

My signature snack is root beer floats with vanilla Häagen-Dazs ice cream and A&W root beer. But the way to my heart is Italian food or Middle Eastern/Turkish food like grape leaves and hummus.

Thanks, Michael! Look for more Associate Spotlight pieces coming soon.