Earlier this year, we launched our 3-cell Vis™ Divide — a rigid, segmented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit that provides three dedicated pathways for the placement of more than one cable within a single conduit. We considered both current and future cabling scenarios and created a conduit that will allow more flexibility for your own unique needs. Read on to learn the benefits of 3-cell Vis Divide.

  1. Reduces wasted space to allow for futurization

As underground space decreases and becomes a more valuable commodity, installers and engineers alike are looking for ways to maximize what’s available. Installing one cable per conduit is not always an ideal use of space, especially when there’s plenty of extra room in the conduit. Our original 2-cell Vis Divide cut back on that wasted space, allowing for two cables to be run through one conduit — or one cable with an open space for future network expansion. Now 3-cell Vis Divide makes that space even more efficient. You can, for example, run two cables in one conduit while still leaving a path available for future needs.

  1. Increases installation productivity

Vis Divide doesn’t just save on space; it also saves on installation time. If you would typically install three conduits, having three available cells reduces those three installs to just one 3-cell Vis Divide conduit installation, cutting that time considerably. If you’re installing using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method — the most common Vis Divide installation technique — that’s a significant savings on drill time. Additionally, Vis Divide comes with Vis™ pull tape prepared in each cell, saving on pulling time.

  1. Provides more cabling options

Every site will have different cabling needs. Some of the situations you might be facing include:

  • Projects near the backbone
  • Projects far from the backbone
  • Projects that require multiple cables to be run
  • Projects that need to allow room for future expansion
  • Projects with limited underground space available
  • Projects that require little disruption to above-ground life
  • A combination of all the above

The bottom line is that no matter what scenario you’re facing, 3-cell Vis Divide expands your design options.

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