The cabling industry is just as responsible as other industries to do its part in caring for the environment, and part of that responsibility includes considering sustainable options. Network cabling at its core is already a sustainable concept; its digital information storage and sharing abilities minimize the need for large amounts of paper. Despite that core difference, engineers and contractors should still take strides to factor sustainability into their decision-making process — and that process should include Vis™ Divide.

What makes Vis Divide the sustainable choice

During new construction projects, installers frequently run two or three standard high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduits: one for the current fibers and one or two for future upgrades. Because Vis Divide is a segmented HDPE conduit with a fabric divider, there’s no need to run multiple conduits during installations.

Removing that extra conduit can go a long way in helping protect the environment. Using Vis Divide reduces conduit freight costs by two-thirds and, in turn, reduces emissions from that freight — often a significant savings. Boring expenses are also decreased, and the plastic saved from one or two extra conduits can have significant environmental impact savings.

It’s clear that Vis Divide isn’t just the more cost-effective option — it’s also the more environmentally friendly one.

Milliken’s sustainability efforts

It’s no surprise Vis Divide is a sustainable option when Milliken has sustainability as one of its core values. As early as 1900, Milliken was reusing packaging and textile materials and documented its first recycling policy. Since then, the company has made concerted efforts to reduce its impact on the environment — and those efforts continue to influence innovations in product design, raw material selection, manufacturing operations, and marketing and merchandising materials. Vis Divide is one example of a product that was born out of problem solving and helps reduce environmental impact.

As the cabling industry incorporates more sustainable practices, maximizing conduit capacity is one area they can’t overlook. Learn more about how Milliken Cable Management products can address conduit capacity and make cable installations more sustainable.