The healthcare industry is constantly changing for the better. In an environment that is patient focused by nature, increasing evidence has shown a patient’s physical environment and how they react to it plays a large part in their healing process, the quality of care they receive and the stress levels of their caretakers. In atmospheres that already rely heavily on procedures backed by medical evidence, the trend toward evidence-based design in hospital settings is a logical transition.

The Impact of Evidence Based Design

Evidence based design (EBD) uses empirical data to influence design decisions in order to increase patient physical, emotional and mental health benefits. The main goal in EBD is the best possible physical, mental and emotional outcome for the patient, rather than designing based on budgets or cost concerns.  Here are some key considerations:

  • The physical and psychological effects of the environment on its users
  • Reduction of stress on medical staff
  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality of care and patient healing

The Role of Fabrics in EBD

Aside from the medical needs that must be met, other aspects of interior spaces should also be considered. From the moment the patient and their loved ones enter a facility, the environment they are placed in will affect their overall experience and mental health, which in turn, affects their total outcome. Care should be taken to create an environment that promotes healing.  From soft blankets and more plush furnishings to calming palettes and more visually appealing window treatments, choosing the right textiles for healthcare designs can make all the difference in making people feel less anxious and more at ease.

EBD is the thoughtful combination of functionality, performance and aesthetics.  Working across healthcare, home and offices spaces, Milliken Specialty Interiors has applied its years of technical and design expertise to deliver performance, cleanability, sustainability and durability through beautiful and inviting interior fabrics.

As a manufacturer of healthcare privacy curtain fabrics, Milliken incorporates evidence based design principles and end-user needs in our design and development process. Design trends in privacy curtains have long targeted promoting healing, calming, and a sense of well-being for the spaces they serve while providing the privacy that patients expect. Milliken’s newest Privacy Curtain collection showcases motifs and colors that speak to the latest nature focused trends, geometrics, and global influences.

Our piece-dyed process ensures a perfect match with any color, making it easier to coordinate calming, comforting color schemes with other facility design elements.  Available with or without antimicrobial additives, our privacy curtains help define and brighten the room while protecting personal space.

The trend toward EBD allows Architects and Designers to become more instrumental in contributing to a hospital’s overall success while increasing patient health benefits. The merging of design and data allows them to champion for patients like never before. Milliken Specialty Interiors is proud to service the healthcare community as well as the Architects and Designers that support it. Contact us today and see how we can partner with you and continue to place patients at the forefront. For more information, please visit