By now you’ve probably seen us talking about Vis™ Divide, our rigid segmented conduit. But you may be wondering how it will fit into a project you’re currently planning for. Here are just a few of the scenarios where Vis Divide can be useful.

When you have limited space…

It’s no secret that the amount of available underground space is shrinking. Urban environments are especially challenging for network upgrades because of that shrinkage. Vis Divide is the perfect solution for small areas, as it makes full use of the entire conduit. Available in 2- or 3-cell options, Vis Divide has a fabric divider that helps you make the most efficient use of your space.  

When you’re on a campus…

Most campus environments, whether a college/university or other facility, have one or more data centers that make up the communication backbone and need a high fiber count. Remote buildings, however, don’t need the same high fiber support, and that is where using Vis Divide is ideal. The segmented rigid conduit can provide a pathway for future network expansion — an option particularly appealing to campus environments with a technology focus — or for additional cables.  

When you need to share your underground space…

Today, many underground spaces are shared with another utility, and it can be challenging to figure out who owns which conduit and what space is available. With Vis Divide’s extra pathway, you have additional capacity for other utilities and may even help the owners foster some goodwill for being considerate.

When your job has multiple bends and sweeps…

Some of the more challenging projects are those that need to go over the river and through the woods and beside a park and under a tree — okay, not literally, but some projects can seem that insurmountable. Vis Divide is useful even for those projects that have multiple bends and sweeps. In fact, its minimum bend radius is up to 25 times its outside diameter (OD), providing a good amount of flexibility. Another helpful aspect is that Vis™ pull tape comes already installed in the conduit, giving you one fewer step in an already challenging process.

See how Vis Divide was used in some of the scenarios mentioned above:

When you’re on a campus
When you need to share your underground space
When your job has multiple bends and sweeps

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