When fiber-optic cables were first installed in the 1980s, the only way to increase capacity was to add new conduit into the infrastructure. Adding new conduit is time-consuming for contractors and also causes unnecessary disruptions to traffic and disturbances to home and business owners. It can also be a fairly expensive undertaking, with additional permitting and equipment costs.

Fortunately, adding new conduit is no longer the only option for expansion. Here are two ways you can maximize the real estate within your conduit.

1. MaxCell® fabric innerduct

MaxCell is an innerduct that fits within a conduit, providing the protection necessary to allow multiple cables to run through one conduit. Unlike rigid innerduct that has specified sizes, MaxCell’s fabric construction allows it to conform to the shape and size of any cable and makes it the ultimate innerduct for conduit maximization.

2. Vis™ Divide Rigid Conduit

A second option for expansion comes with the conduit itself. Vis Divide is a segmented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid conduit that is a step above standard HDPE conduits. Its segmentation allows for multiple cables to be placed in one conduit and is also a viable option for maximizing your available real estate.

Vis Divide is particularly beneficial in direct bury and boring applications; because it is installed in the same manner as a standard conduit, Vis Divide is one of the most installation-efficient options for maximization on the market today.

With the growing demand on our infrastructure, it’s no longer a question of if you’ll need to expand but when. No matter when that time comes, you’ll be looking for ways to save time and money by making the best use of your current infrastructure. Think of your conduits first and utilize that valuable real estate with MaxCell, within existing conduits, or Vis Divide, for new construction.

To see Vis Divide in action maximizing conduit space, take a look at this case study.

MaxCell is a registered trademark of TVC Communications, LLC.  Vis is a trademark of Milliken & Company.