Development in rural areas has always been a complicated issue, and fiber installation is no exception. Even in less-populated areas, there’s a need for high bandwidth and a desire for speed. But it’s a hefty investment to deploy or upgrade fiber, and a smaller population makes the return on investment (ROI) minimal.

There is a solution for cutting down the cost of that investment, however. Using Vis™ Divide conduit can help make rural fiber deployment worth it in the long run by cutting installation costs and simplifying future upgrades.

Cutting installation costs

Where traditional conduit provides just one pathway, Vis Divide allows for up to three. These extra pathways can cut back on the number of conduits that are needed for an installation. Installing only one conduit instead of two or three can reduce installation costs and help fiber providers gain a greater ROI.

Simplifying future upgrades

Because of how quickly technology is advancing, one of the deterrents to installing fiber in rural areas is how quickly the need for upgrades or other maintenance will occur. With Vis Divide’s extra pathways, you can have a path already available for future fiber deployments without needing to send out a crew to install new conduits.

You could, for example, install 3-cell Vis Divide, utilize the two pathways for fiber and leave the third open for future network upgrades. A fiber installation in Arkansas chose a similar solution.

Rural fiber deployment doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming when Vis Divide mitigates some of those pain points. Have a situation that could benefit from Vis Divide’s time- and money-saving characteristics? Give us a call.