We believe in the power of textiles to make a change – so we have partnered with The Love Quilt Project, an international charity that brings children in South Africa and the United States together using unique, custom-made quilts. The project promotes brighter futures for South African children most of whom have affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic by providing customized quilts and financial assistance to fund the cost of schooling. Built on the values of kindness, tolerance and compassion, all who are involved in the project, including us at Milliken, are helping the Love Quilt Project in their mission of using the “healing power of love” to make a difference.

Partnership with LQP and KnollTextiles

More than 7 million South Africans are living with HIV, which effects 50% of orphaned South African children who have lost parents because of AIDS-related diseases. Financial assistance for schooling is imperative as education advances these children toward future success and brighter futures. The Love Quilt Project raises money to support children with the costs of schooling while inspiring confidence and comfort through personal messages woven into hand crafted quilts.


Love Quilt Project Quilt with Breathe by Milliken™ eco-elegant performance fabrics

The Love Quilt Project believes “love is the common thread.” They create hand-made quilted blankets for vulnerable, orphaned South African children, which are then decorated with messages of love by children in the United States.

Long-time partners KnollTextiles and Milliken Specialty Interiors have extended their business relationship to include promotion and support of the LQP. Milliken Specialty Interiors’ involvement with the Love Quilt Project starts at the beginning by providing white cotton fabric for quilting. American school children then artfully decorate the fabric, incorporating messages of love, support and encouragement. KnollTextiles connected Love Quilt Project to a fulfillment and sampling company to cut the squares.

The blankets and financial assistance are distributed to children in South Africa whose lives have been touched by the HIV/AIDS pandemic providing children who have suffered with an object that provides both comfort and a message of love.

A Sustainable Philanthropy

Milliken is committed to giving back and supporting the Love Quilt Project non-profit organization, which aligns directly with our values. We strive to add value to peoples’ lives through textiles, and the Love Quilt Project is doing just that – through comfort, they’re providing love, care, support and brighter futures. At Milliken, sustainability is a way of life and at the cornerstone of all we do. Love Quilt Project carries out its mission in a sustainable way by upcycling and repurposing fabric.

We are proud to join a network of support around an organization that combines their love of textiles and sustainability to innovatively creating a positive change in the world. In September, Milliken Specialty Interiors and KnollTextiles will host the Love Quilt Project Stitches of Love Reception event in New York City in the KnollTextiles show room. We look forward to working with The Love Quilt Project in the future as they continue using textiles to re-shape the lives of orphaned South African children, American children and everyone at Milliken through the power of love. To learn more about the event and sponsorship opportunities, visit https://stitchesoflove.org.