I know a burning question on everyone's mind is "If I 3 MaxCell® innerduct cells to fill, which one should I pull first?".  To answer this, we had to dive deep into our archives (yes, some of us have been around here for a long time!) to find an old study on cell sequencing.  Basically we took a 3-cell application where we changed the sequence on which cell to pull first and see if there is a noticable difference.  As you can see from the three charts below, the middle cell was the easiest during the sequence (middle-bottom-top) and highest tension when the sequence was (bottom-top-middle).  This issue is that the middle cell already has cells on either side of it that it will have to push out.  If there is already cable occupying the two outer cells, then you make it that much harder. Think about it like your favorite cheeseburger.  Whatever your favorite toppings (onions, mushroom, avocado, etc), they will stay in the middle much easier than the sides because there is something holding them together.  So always make a 3 or 4-cell install easier by pulling the middle cell(s) first.