MaxCell_multiple_cablesA customer asked the question the other day if they could place multiple cables inside a single cell.  The short answer I gave them was “yes” but the longer answer was that it’s generally not recommended if you want to add or remove single cables in the future.  Each cell is a dedicated pathway protecting the cable from coming in contact with other cables and allowing a cable to be removed if needed and replaced with another cable.  The question arose from an OSP customer.  Typically ISP projects will involve bundled cables because they are smaller CAT 5/6 type cables which are typically bundled into self supporting MaxCell, a cable tray or J-hook.  IF a customer wants to bundle a group of cables then the group needs to be treated like a single cable for calculating fill ratio.  Take the picture above for reference. The large single cable and the bundled cables are practically the same size when the cables are bundled together.  If you draw a circle around the bundle then you get a better idea of the overall volume being displaced by the bundle.


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