February 7, 2019

Before we launched Vis™ Divide, we performed a series of tests to verify the durability and stability of Vis Divide’s embedded divider fabric. We wanted to prove that Vis Divide would work as a future-proofing option no matter the situation. For the test, we subjected a piece of two-inch 2-cell Vis Divide to three “worst case scenario” tests.

Test procedure


For each test, an 18.25-foot piece of Vis Divide conduit was placed securely on a sliding framework at its minimum bend radius of 4.9 feet. The fabric was oriented in a vertical configuration for the full 180-degree sweep/bend so that all pulling force would be exerted against the fabric. The pulling speed was set at 80 +/- 5 fpm, and the pulling tension was set at 420 +/- 40 pounds — equivalent to a 1,200-foot pulling distance. All three evaluations were conducted on the same conduit sample for 15 minutes apiece — a total test duration of 45 minutes and equivalent to a 3,600-foot pull length.

Test 1: Pull tape evaluation in empty conduit

The first test placed 1/2-inch, 1250-pound Vis™ pull tape into the outside cell and left the inside cell empty.

Result: No wear or damage; fabric fully intact

Test 2: Cable placement evaluation in empty conduit

The second test placed a fiber optic cable with an outside diameter (OD) of 3/4 inch into the outside cell and left the inside cell empty.

Result: No wear or damage; fabric fully intact

Test 3: Pull tape evaluation over an occupied conduit

The final test included both pull tape and a fiber optic cable. This time, a 1/2-inch, 1250-pound Vis pull tape was pulled over a fiber optic cable with a 3/4-inch OD. The pull tape was placed in the outside cell with the fiber optic cable in the inside cell.

Result: No wear or damage; fabric fully intact

As a result of these “worst case scenario” tests, the Milliken Cable Management team concluded that the Vis Divide fabric divider was durable enough to withstand any conditions that the product would experience during installation, and contractors and engineers alike can rest easy in their recommendation of Vis Divide for futurization.

All our products go through several different assessments. You can find more information on the types of tests we do in this piece on our approach to product testing