It takes many elements and many hands to build a great showroom, so we see our award for Best Showroom at June 2018 Showtime as more than a recognition of exceptional products and interior design. Our showroom celebrates Milliken’s rich history of innovation leadership, manufacturing excellence, and environmental stewardship with products that tell stories from far beyond the living room. Check out the unique features below that make Milliken’s space stand out.

Milliken Best Showroom Award

Milliken High Point Show Room

Milliken Lapidus carpet plus watercolor statement piece

The watercolor statement piece, custom-designed by Milliken Flooring, was inspired by our Milliken blue color.  It not only gives the space a wow factor, it helps to draw you into the space and tie the colors in the space together.  Many visitors are surprised to discover that the showroom’s Ladipus Carpet is comprised of moduar carpet tiles that allow for flexibility in the overall design. In the kitchen, you can find our Heritage Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with dark greys and browns that compliment the surrounding cabinetry. Our rugs in the meeting rooms from Milliken’s Drayton Collection add pattern, color, and warmth. Our Milliken floor covering products add a nice foundation to the space and allow us to showcase a unified space unlike any other.

Window Display

Milliken High Point Show Room
Window display comprised of vintage wooden weaving loom shuttles, vintage wood thread spools and textile mill bobbins

Vintage wooden weaving loom shuttles, wood thread spools and bobbins collected from North Carolina mills float in the window display as a nod to Milliken’s deep-rooted textile heritage. With more than 150 years in the textile industry and a combination of vintage and modern design, Milliken’s acknowledgment of the past gives us a firm foundation on which to build the future of our industry.

Room Dividers

Milliken High Point Show Room

Room dividers made of wrapped EnviroPanel™ with two different fabrics from the Breathe by Milliken™ Collection

Our room dividers are custom-crafted EnviroPanel™ wrapped in two different Breathe by Milliken™  fabrics. EnviroPanel is made from polyester fiber containing 30% recycled content and helps absorb sound and reduce ambient noise.  Marrying our eco-elegant Breathe by Milliken to EnviroPanel offers the ultimate in sustainable performance, something we can all feel good about. With the ability to turn and rotate, these room dividers bring a unique twist to privacy and design and allow for a more modular workplace needed today. 

Wood Walls

Milliken High Point Show Room
Walls derived from a stikwood product

Milliken’s commitment to environmental stewardship is represented in products throughout the space. From repurposed fabric to non-disposable silverware, the Milliken showroom is future-focused. Be sure to check out our wood walls developed from eco-friendly, reclaimed wood. Not only are they natural, but the wood provide added dimension, texture and warmth to the space.


Milliken High Point Show Room
Pillows crafted from Milliken Napery products

Our showroom represents the collaboration, dedication and passion of Milliken.  Our napkin pillows are a great example of how our textile businesses work together to create the perfect space.  Some of the pillows were re-purposed from napery products and hand stitched by a Milliken designer. Milliken napkins and placements are also on display in the kitchen. 

We are so proud of our showroom and the story it tells about our company.  Whatever your textile needs, Milliken’s got you covered – now and in the future. You can count on us to think harder, drive progress, push the limits, advance sustainability, and create the solutions that work best for you. Please stop by our showroom to experience the Milliken difference first-hand.