You might be wondering, for something that seems like such a small part of a cable installation project, why did we decide to make our own Vis™ pulling tape — and what makes ours different?

The origin story

As Archie mentioned, we like to follow our product onto the job site and not only serve as a product expert for the contractors but also observe the product in action and learn ways we can improve. While we were on site, we noticed some recurring issues with pulling tapes. For one, pulling tapes were rough, tearing up contractors’ hands. And the unreliability of the print on the pulling tapes was slowing down projects. These problems happened frequently enough that our product specialists started noticing, and we decided to make our own brand of pulling tape, correcting some of those issues.

What sets Vis Tape apart

Here’s what makes Vis Tape different from other pulling tapes.

  • Legibility
    No more guessing about the numbers printed on your pulling tape. Vis Tape uses Milliken’s unique MPrint technology to ensure the numbers stay legible even when snow, sun, rain and mud are fighting against it.
  • Print length accuracy
    Vis Tape is prepped, printed and calibrated with length accuracy in mind because we witnessed firsthand how frustrating it can be when pulling tape lengths are incorrect.
  • Softness
    There’s no reason for pulling tape to be stiff and difficult to knot. Vis Tape is strong and soft, preventing the need for rework, helping contractor crews be more efficient.
  • Specialty tapes
    Sometimes you need to differentiate pulling tapes, and we created a couple of different options for specialty tapes as well. VTID is Vis Tape with a colored thread for easy identification, and VTDET is Vis Tape with a traceable thread for locating easily.

Like the rest of our cable management products, Vis Tape was created to increase efficiency, helping you save time and money on your cable installation projects. You’ll also find Vis Tape already installed in our Vis™ Divide segmented conduit, helping installers save one more step.

To see more details about Vis Tape and the available lengths or tensile strengths, take a look at our data sheets.