With the rise of technology, consumers are always in the know. We scroll through endless amounts of content on trending topics ranging from political opinions to the latest fashions. Beeps, buzzes, and dings constantly alert us of the “next big thing,” but what if the next big thing is silencing your cell phone? Many keep devices and notifications on because of FOMO: fear of missing out. But this season Milliken Specialty Interiors invites you to embrace the joy of missing out, or JOMO. This choice to unplug and savor each moment has inspired the Milliken recognized design trend for 2020 - “Encompass.”

“Inspiration is truly everywhere. And everything that’s happening in the world, whether it’s cultural, economic or political, can affect what people want,” says Milliken Specialty Interiors Designer Ashley Farris. “The world is rapidly changing, and people want to be comforted. Milliken Specialty Interiors recognizes this shift, and that’s why we’ve identified Encompass as a trend that’s influencing purposeful design for rest and retreat.” 


Encompass, the Milliken Specialty Interiors identified trend for 2020, elicits emotion through the design elements of three sub-trends: cozy techno, soft angles, and hyper texture. Milliken Specialty Interiors understands the power of emotional connection in withstanding a shifting market and utilizes emotional intelligence when selecting color palettes and identifying trends for the future. 

The Cozy Techno sub-trend utilizes traditional textiles in irregular fashion, adding character to the weave through purposefully creating uneven surfaces. Denim, popular for its endurance, is a common textile for this trend. As cultural traditions become re-defined and differences celebrated, Cozy Techno reflects this greater societal shift by reflecting the beauty of uniqueness and resiliency. 


Inspired by the whimsical designs of the great architect Zaha Hadid, the Soft Angles sub-trend challenges the status-quo of traditional design. Hadid transformed conventional architecture through her revolutionary approach in using concrete, steel, and glass. Similarly, we aim to be daring in our textile designs through the use of bold patterns, softened by color and weave effects.


Hyper Texture is a recognizable sub-trend that has captured the attention of consumers in all markets. We create extreme visual and physical textures through use of shrink yarn, relief style knits, and weave effects. The extreme tactility of this trend adds unexpected dimension to designs and facilitates a uniqueness that engages multiples senses. 


“Everyone wants something that looks, performs, and feels great,” says Milliken Specialty Interiors Senior Designer Dawn Pechin. “Non-directional patterns remain a big interest in weaves whereas texture and intimately blended fibers that create a heathered appearance prove an increasingly popular trend for yarn.  While great performance and a current look are must-haves for any product, how a space makes us feel – whether energized, peaceful or cozy, are also critical factors in Milliken’s design choices.” 

Milliken Specialty Interiors develops trends from societal observation and inspired attention to everyday detail. From the angles of architecture to the texture of the ocean, textile design inspiration is often found in the simplistic beauty of everyday life. We believe trends provide a fresh, innovative perspective on familiar compositions and capture the attention of consumers by inviting renewed awareness of design and providing deeper reflections into modern life.