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Milliken Cable Management is leading the data communication network industry with insightful problem solving and future-proofed, cost-effective solutions. Offering cable management products such as Vis™ pulling tape, Milliken Cable Management is providing smart, practical innovations that increase efficiency and reduce overall project costs. By focusing on viable solutions for today — and tomorrow — Milliken Cable Management helps customers maximize their current efforts for future growth.

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Latest News

Considerations for Burying Telecommunications Cables

Telecommunications cables are critical to everyday life, so protecting their physical security is a priority for engineers and designers. It can be a challenge, however, to know just how deep to bury telecommunications cables.


What Happens to Old Conduits When 5G Arrives?

Although the cabling industry has already done some work preparing for 5G, including building or upgrading infrastructure that will allow for the network capacity that 5G requires, many professionals are asking: What will happen to existing infrastructure when 5G takes over?


A Guide to Coupling Vis™ Divide

Vis Divide's fabric divider allows more than one cable to be installed within the same conduit — and often makes engineers and installers question the ease of coupling Vis Divide. Even with the fabric divider, coupling Vis Divide is no different from coupling a standard HDPE conduit.


Success Stories

Vis™ Divide: Automotive Manufacturer Campus Transformation Project

An American manufacturing company undertook a campus transformation project, updating and renovating its infrastructure. Two data centers existed on the campus previously, and two new ones were built. Most of the existing conduits were replaced with new, 4-inch conduits that were run throughout the campus, and new fibers were pulled. Vis Divide was able to provide the same capacity as installing two conduits while taking less space.