OptiCell® Flexible Innerduct System


Flexible Innerduct System

Milliken’s industry-leading OptiCell technology expands your network and optimizesyour operational capabilities. With OptiCell, organizations can minimize the cost of their network construction by maximizing cable capacity. Fitting more cables into one conduit allows OptiCell to reduce installation times, minimize material costs and eliminate the need for new network construction.

OptiCell Brochure (Digital)

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The tactical solution to staying on schedule and within scope 24/7/365.

  • Expand your network
  • Optimize operational capabilities
  • Minimize cost on network construction
  • Reduce installation time
  • Less material costs
  • Eliminate need for new network construction
  • Simple and easy set-up
  • Designed to deliver quick, reliable connection speeds
  • Minimize cable capacity

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile strength up to 2,000 kg
  • Melting point of 215° Celsius
  • 3X the conduit space
  • 10X lower expansion coefficient than standard HDPE conduits


Here is one example of an OptiCell application:

Empty Duct

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OptiCell fabric innerduct is successful in providing conduit maximization within a number of industries and applications, including:


Broadband/Cable TV



Data Centers


University, healthcare and corporate campuses

Military and government installations


OptiCell is easy to use and requires no special tools during installation. It’s specifically designed to work with standard cable reel carriers — but with no reel memory so it will not spiral. OptiCell comes pre-lubricated to help lower cable installation tensions, and its design makes it easy to deploy cable and perform maintenance.

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