Vis™ Pulling Tape


Pulling Tape

Vis™ Tape with Mprint™ technology improves productivity and reduces total cost by eliminating rework and scrap. Our unique Mprint process increases print durability and ensures print length accuracy while our production process ensures a softer feel. Here’s what makes Vis Tape different from other pulling tapes.

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Here’s what makes Vis Tape different from other pulling tapes.


Print length accuracy

Vis Tape is prepped, printed and calibrated with length accuracy in mind. The result: industry-99% accuracy that’s reliable when it needs to be.



There’s no reason for pulling tape to be stiff and difficult to knot. Vis Tape’s industry-changing manufacturing process means installers get the legibility they need with the softness they want.



An installation is no time for guesswork. Knowing with certainty the numbers on the pull tape is vital, and any confusion could cost more time and money. Vis Tape’s unique Mprint™ process ensures extraordinary print legibility and durability even when snow, sun, rain and mud are fighting against it.


Specialty tapes

Some situations present a need to differentiate pulling tapes, so we created different options for specialty tapes as well. VTDET is Vis Tape with a traceable wire for locating easily and available in 1250-lb and 1800-lb tapes.

Vis Tape options

Tensile Strength & Roll Length1130 lb.1250 lb.VTDET 1250 lb.1800 lb.VTDET 1800 lb.2500 lb.
1,000 feet   
1,500 feet     
3,000 feet
5,000 feet     
10,000 feet     
50,000 feet    
100,000 feet