A Good Looking Night's Sleep.

Milliken Specialty Interiors is one of only a handful of companies in the United States that can weave wide fabrics for bedding. That means better cutting and sewing efficiencies and yield for top-of-bed solutions.

We also have years of expertise in providing polyester fabrics for digital printing, so you can more easily sync with a particular brand’s color scheme or print just what is needed for your next design project.

Plus, our two-piece woven fabrics can add a little color to the white bed — along with a quilted look — to any bedroom. Because it’s a single fabric, it doesn’t require the added time and complexity that true quilting does and it holds up to frequent laundering. If you would rather add color to your next project with digital printing, our prepare-for-print (PFP) options, designed to have minimal to no shrinkage, are some of the best performing fabrics in the industry. The bottom line is if you need textiles for top-of-bed applications, bed skirts or even upholstered options, you’ve come to the right place.

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