Features & Benefits

Milliken’s inadvertent chemical splash resistant technology, available in Milliken ShieldCSR™ & Westex ShieldCXP™ fabrics, is designed to:

  • Shed a variety of chemicals when they are dropped or splashed onto the fabric
  • Resist chemicals from wicking through the fabric, thus limiting exposure
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Industrial Laundry Durable
  • Premium Comfort
  • Protection


Westex ShieldCXP™, the first-ever flame resistant and incidental chemical splash resistant fabric, is a comfortable secondary protection layer that resists small quantities of liquid chemicals and/or solvents at atmospheric pressures, such as corrosive liquids, toxic liquids and absorption and ignition of flammable liquids. Learn More
Milliken® ShieldCSR™ fabric combines revolutionary chemical splash resistant technology with Milliken's patented SofTouch technology to provide an innovative fabric that is comfortable, breathable, inadvertent chemical resistant - all in one. Learn More

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