Features & Benefits

Engineered FR protection to stand up to the extremes of modern warfare, Milliken flame resistant fabrics are strong enough for the brave.

  • Protection against flame and heat conditions
  • Fabrics are comfortable to wear, breathable and wick sweat and moisture 
  • Wide range of woven and knit fabrics in a variety of weights, constructions and performance attributes designed for the mission at hand
  • Technical performance fabrics with proprietary FR fiber blends optimized for protection
  • Breathable
  • Color Consistency
  • Flame Resistant
  • Industrial Laundry Durable
  • Light-Weight
  • Odor Control
  • Protection
  • Stain Release
  • Stretch


Polartec™ Power Dry™ FR fabric technology sets a higher standard for next-to-skin moisture management. Polartec™ Power Dry™ FR proprietary bi-component knit construction promotes mechanical wicking to build in performance for the life of the fabric. Learn More
Polartec™ Power Grid™ FR is engineered to optimize warmth and breathability, while reducing overall fabric mass. Our patented grid construction creates targeted touch points for wicking and open channels to increase airflow, enhancing thermoregulation. Learn More
Polartec™ Power Shield™ FR is a soft shell that combines breathable comfort with performance weather resistance and flame resistant protection. The resilient 3-layer fabric's microporous membrane easily releases excess heat and moisture vapor for dry conditions inside and out. Learn More
Polartec™ Power Stretch™ FR fabric allows full range of motion, without losing its form. This flame resistant construction delivers resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for the life of the garment. Learn More
Polartec™ Thermal Pro™ FR brings flame resistance to the original synthetic fleece. This now classic thermal technology delivers breathable performance, soft comfort and long-lasting durability. Learn More
Polartec™ Wind Pro™ FR is an advanced fleece knit developed to resist more than just the cold. While still air permeable for breathability, a tighter knit construction protects against the wind and outside elements. Learn More

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