Features & Benefits

Materials designed to protect heroes and their gear when under attack.

  • Agilus® technology protects against stab, spike and ballistic threats and provides wearable, flexible protection
  • Tegris® themoplastic composite materials are engineered to have extremely high impact performance, stiffness and strength while being light-weight
  • Made in the USA and Berry Amendment compliant
  • Composite Material
  • Flexible
  • Impact Resistant
  • Light-Weight
  • Protection
  • Stiff


Spike and Multi-threat Protection
Milliken’s line of Agilus® patented textile technologies are engineered for the ultimate in protection and flexibility. This patented technology increases protection levels and confidence, while also enhancing comfort and wearability. Learn More
Ballistic Protection & Stiffener
Tegris composites are a breakthrough material provides excellent protection against fragment, projectile or blast threats, while offering a lighter total weight than traditional thermoplastics and composites. Learn More

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