Features & Benefits

Our roofing reinforcement material takes roofing to the next level:

  • Our weft inserted warp knit scrim products are produced with polyester, glass and/or specialty yarns to achieve the desired properties  

  • Functional coating can be applied to enhance physical properties, reduce wicking and moisture absorption, and impart other unique attributes 

  • Scrims can be flattened to improve adhesion

  • High tensile strength products (stitched) are resistant to delamination for more demanding coating processes

  • Our binder systems can be customized as needed 
  • Advanced Reinforcement
  • Engineered Performance Products
  • Nonwoven
  • Scrim


Stabilon™ technology combines polymeric binders with industrial yarns to form cost-effective fabrics in both rectilinear and multi-axial grid constructions. Optionally, these grids can be laminated to nonwovens to produce composite reinforcements. Laid scrims reinforce products ranging from tissue, foils, and kraft paper, to gypsum and cement boards, flooring, roofing, and many other products. Learn More



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