Features & Benefits

  • Reinforcements ready-to-use at tire building
  • Liners for outstanding durability, crease resistance and release
  • Advanced Reinforcement
  • Composite Material
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Engineered Performance Products
  • Flexible
  • Light-Weight
  • Mechanical Rubber Good (MRG)


Super-stiff liners with spacers attached to prevent crushing of profiled rubber parts; able to process heavy compounds without wrinkling. Field-tested extended service life. Learn More
Milliken is a one-stop shop for liners that address your key requirements: clean & easy release, resistance to wrinkles & creases, durability for long service life, low maintenance, and low total cost in use. Because liner performance is application specific, our product portfolio is the broadest in the marketplace, to fit the diversity of your processes and rubber stocks. Learn More
​​Milliken makes tire manufacturing faster, easier and less material-intensive. With our turn-up bladder fabrics, tire manufacturers can extend the life of their bladders to as many as 30,000 cycles, resulting in less downtime for bladder change and the use of fewer bladders per year, saving both time and materials. Learn More
Ready-to-use MilliCap™ cap ply strips that can reduce rolling resistance and the amount of rubber, energy, and preparation needed to produce a tire. Learn More
Chafer strips with pre-oriented bias fabric construction for conformability; treated, tackified and precision slit; lighter weight than many traditional chafers. Learn More
Regular-tack and high-tack bead wrap strips treated with advanced aqueous tackifier chemistries for performance and environmental benefits. Learn More




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