Shaping Milliken for 2025

Although Milliken has been committed to a sustainable enterprise since our founding, the publication of this inaugural sustainability report helps us to elevate and challenge our view of what corporate sustainability can be. In the report, we outline aggressive 2025 company goals centered around protecting our planet by reducing, creating products to help create circular economies in addition to caring for our people and communities we live in.

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Sustainability Report

2025 Milliken Corporate Sustainability Goals

  • Reduced Emissions

    Reduce indexed greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and solid waste by 25%

  • Zero Waste

    Zero waste to landfill

  • Renewable Energy

    Increase renewable energy 10x

  • Zero Violations

    Zero environmental violations

  • Analyze

    Analyze new products launched using Life Cycle Analysis principles

  • Thought Leaders

    Convene scientists and thought leaders to advance solving the plastics end-of-life challenge

  • Inclusive

    Commit to an inclusive associate community

  • Zero Lost Time

    Zero lost time safety incidents

  • Zero Data Breaches

    Zero data privacy breaches

  • Volunteer Hours

    100,000 volunteer hours in our communities

How We've Recycled 100 Million Water Bottles

Milliken has saved more than 100 million plastic water bottles from going into a landfill through use of recycled fibers. With more than 1.3 million pounds of recycled fiber in primarily Napery and Specialty Interiors products, Milliken’s fabrics are both durable and sustainable. Milliken recently received an inaugural REPREVE® Champion of Sustainability award for recycling over 100 million water bottles.