In 2019, we enhanced our focus on the Milliken Performance System, a methodology that embraces leadership principles and problem-solving tools to create sustainable organizational improvements in our operations.

Reducing Our Global Footprint with Sustainable Textile Manufacturing

Key Improvement Projects

  • Water


    Reducing 4,000,000 Gallons/Year of Water Usage

    In 2019, the Pendleton Finishing Site focused on optimizing fabric dyeing procedures, which reduced more than four million gallons of water per year.

  • Cogeneration


    $25M+ Investment in Cogeneration

    In 2019, Milliken broke ground on a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) operation for shared use by Magnolia Finishing Site and Allen Chemical Plant. The CHP enables us to reduce energy consumption by capturing wasted heat, increase energy reliability by generating electricity onsite, and finalize our steps to eliminate coal as a primary steam fuel source. This will reduce Magnolia Finishing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and waste by 33%. The project should finish in 2021.

  • Zero Waste


    Reducing Biosolid Waste

    The Milliken Finishing Site utilizes biological systems to clean effluent water streams before releasing them back into surface water streams. These systems generate large volumes of biosolid sludge that must be disposed of off-site. Engineers are currently installing a sludge dryer for the shared use by Magnolia Finishing Site and Allen Chemical Plant to reduce total volume of biosolid sludge disposed off-site. This will reduce Magnolia waste by 48% and relieve non-landfill outlet capacity resulting in a 75% reduction in company landfill waste. The project will be complete by the end of 2020.

Environmental Upgrades at Global Headquarters in 2019

Doubled Solar Capacity

  • 495

    metric ton

    reduction in GHG emissions and 1,070,000 kWh reduction in energy with our $1,000,000 LED lighting upgrade in 2019

  • 13,338


    of compost diverted from landfills with our new composting initiative – which reclaimed 648 square feet of cropland and saved 53,356 gallons of water in 2019

As a company, we are making more small steps to big leaps in order to achieve our corporate 2025 Planet goals.

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